Slot games with sticky wilds

It is hard to imagine a slot machine without a Wild symbol. Wilds or substitutes appear in classic slots too, but with the development of video slots they have become an indispensable element which enhances […]

What is Social Gambling?

The development of social media platforms has brought a completely new form of gaming, social gambling. When we talk about this form of entertainment, we mean playing various games on social media platforms. So call […]

How to Play Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker (it is sometimes also known as Tri Poker) is one of the latest card games added to land-based and online casinos. Read our comprehensive 3 card poker guide to learn how to […]

Can a slot machine be beaten and how?

The first slot machine is some 120 years old, and it’s reasonable to assume that after the first ever game was played, there were those who wanted to be better than the machine. Can a […]


High Roller Casino Tips and Strategies

High Roller Casino Tips and Strategies: By definition, game of chance is a game whose outcome is strongly influenced by some randomising device, while a game of skill, although having an element of chance, requires […]

Slots Bonus Features explained

All you need to know about slots bonus features: Some would argue that all slot machines are the same, and up to a point, you could say so, since many elements of the game stay […]

How are penny slots machines played?

A penny is the lowest denomination in the USA currency. This denomination is deemed little and worthless and there are advocates who want the penny eliminated to make the nickel the lowest denomination. Penny slots […]

What does Pokies mean in Australia?

If you have been in Australia or at an online casino, you must have come across the word pokies! What does this word mean? Pokies are what slots called in Australia. Across the world, you will […]

Which Casino Slots Pay Best

One question that bugs online punters from the very beginning is – which casino slots pays best or better than all. Having in mind that slots are played for money, why would anyone bother to […]

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